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2021-03-29 13:21:34


That’s the amount of money raised last week by 3 On Demand Delivery companies!! Food and grocery delivery exploded during the pandemic! It has created a huge amount of money invested into this space, competition is increasing, consolidating is increasing! Who will win? I’m wondering what happens if the rule that was just passed by […]



2020-11-10 11:45:41

Ecommerce Takes off

Are ecommerce companies taking over the sky?? The big news of the week is the expansion an investment of Amazon & Mercado Libre in extending air network capabilities!! Amazon launch Air network in Europe Mercado Libre launch Air network in Mexico? Ocado buys Kindred & Haddington Robotics Solutions Ahold Delhaize launch Marketplaces powered by Mirakl [...] VER MÁS


2020-10-12 13:56:29

If everything is under control, you’re not fast enough!

The big news of last week is Apple starting to fulfill online order from its stores! Can you imagine the iconic Apple retail location used as mini warehouses? Well, that’s what we can expect to see more and more! Apple Starts Shipping Devices From Stores to Speed Up Deliveries “Ship From Store” is certainly not [...] VER MÁS