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2020-08-10 13:44:14

Delivery is King!

It’s been amazing to see how logistics and delivery have become such competitive advantage in the new normal! More than ever, supply chains are “win or lose” factor for companies…From Uber, Doordash or even Home Depot, exciting news from last week… Doordash launch digital store channel Uber delivery reigns Home Depot double down on ecommerce [...] VER MÁS


2020-07-07 12:18:37

The fight of the titans!

The big news of the week is the acquisition of Postmates by Uber for $2.6Bln, the consolidation continue in the delivery space! Also some important news from…. Nike going all in with digital sales Amazon postponing prime day to October Lululemon purchase of Mirror Credicorp Financial institution moves into ecommerce platform Venmo goes into ecommerce [...] VER MÁS


2020-03-15 13:40:00

AMVO Recap del 9 al 13 de marzo.

El mundo del e commerce está en constante cambio, el cual no hace pausa. Por ello, necesitamos estar actualizados con las noticias más relevantes.

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