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Delivery is King!

It’s been amazing to see how logistics and delivery have become such competitive advantage in the new normal!

More than ever, supply chains are “win or lose” factor for companies…From Uber, Doordash or even Home Depot, exciting news from last week…

Doordash launch digital store channel

Uber delivery reigns

Home Depot double down on ecommerce

Etsy face masks sales on fire

Wayfair turns to profit!

Amazon plan to convert malls into fulfillment centers

My last interview with Fast Company on Link Ecosystem…

Stock Of the week: BigCommerce IPO stock soars

StartUp Of the Week: Yotpo raises $75M

DoorDash launches new digital convenience store channel as delivery wars heat up

Doordash just launched a new digital convenience store channel called DashMart !! The company will be offering 2K items across multiple product categories, including household essentials, ready-made meals, and restaurant retail items like specialty spices or sauces. The service is expected to compete with Amazon Prime Now, Walmart, Instacart, Uber Eats…BUT!! They are aiming to deliver products in 30 minutes….yes 30 minutes!!

I’m curious to see how they will be able to make this offering sustainable with low delivery optimization (due to extremely short window for delivery) combined with low basket value items.

Hope they can make it work as 30 minutes delivery would be fantastic…

Uber’s delivery service is now bigger than its rides business

Q2 Numbers speaks for themselves:

Uber Eats: $1.2Bln Rev (Double VS last year)

Uber Rides: $790M  (Decrease 67% VS last year)

This is an amazing shift. In less than 3 years, Uber became a delivery company rather than a mobility company.

The company has made significant shifts since the COVID crisis started and multiple push into the parcel, delivery and logistics space…

…Purchase of Postmates

…Launch of Uber delivery

…Launch of Uber connect

What will be the next move? Will they start to compete directly with Instacart & Amazon in the grocery race? I think they will soon!!

Home Depot wants to speed up deliveries with new distribution centers as pandemic fuels home projects

Did you start remodeling your house or apartment yet?

With people stuck at home, DIY and home improvements projects grew significantly across the world…. probably why Home Depot is speeding up their ecommerce offering & speed.

“We like to say that retail has changed more in the past four years than in our 40-year history,” said Stephanie Smith, senior vice president of supply chain. “Covid has even brought this more to light. Customers expect to shop whenever, wherever, however they want.”

Pretty strong message from Home Depot SVP and strong investments ahead in order to build a strong delivery and supply chain network for online sales. The company e-comm sales jumped 80% YoY in Q1 of this year.

Etsy’s on fire as reusable face mask sales surge

ETSY marketplace which is mainly known for crafters who sell everything from homemade jewelry to clothing and furniture have been having an amazing momentum with Covid. Guess what is the most wanted product? FACE MASKS

Amazing statistics: 110,000 Etsy sellers sold a total of 29 million face masks worth $346 million in its second quarter.

Wayfair finally turns a profit thanks to COVID-19 spending surge

The “Ikea of online commerce” or “amazon for home decoration” turns to profit!! After years of losses, Wayfair turned to profit for the first time, I was very happy to see this, not only because it’s one of my main stock in my portfolio, but, also because I’m a customer of the company and I think they do a fantastic job!!

84% jump in sales, 4.3Bln rev in the quarter, $274M profit, that’s a nice turn around! Will the volume maintain as the pandemic stabilize, that’s the million dollar question but I do think that the company has a very promising future.

Amazon and mall owner Simon consider turning Sears, J.C. Penney stores into fulfillment centers

Capacity, capacity, capacity. When Amazon reported earnings 2 weeks ago, one of the biggest news was the statement from their CFO

“Amazon will grow network footprint by 50% by the end of the year”…. (Just to give you a comparison, last year they grew capacity by 15%)

“We expect the majority of this capacity to come online in late Q3 and into Q4,” Olsavsky said.

Well, that capacity doesn’t exist today anywhere in warehousing space and it’s impossible to build it so fast! So???… Only one option really: to repurpose existing infrastructure and there is no better commercial real estate than bankrupt malls or retail chains. Sad for the fans of Sears (Are any still alive?), good for the Amazon Prime users.

My last interview with Fast Company on our partnership with Link Ecosystem.

Very humbled to be part of this great ecosystem, big up to Daniel, Harpi & the entire Link team! Exciting times ahead to re-invent supply chains!

Stock of the week: Big Commerce

With the amazing momentum on Shopify stock due since IPO, it was no surprise that the market would be very bullish on BigCommerce IPO.

Big Commerce is one of the main competitors of shopify and one of the leading platform that helps business launch and scale e-commerce operations, including store design, catalog management, hosting and checkout. Just invested in the stock last week as well and I think it’s a promising company to have in your portfolio.

StartUp Of the Week: Yotpo raises $75M for its e-commerce marketing cloud

Yotpo just raised 75M. The company we call the “sales force for Ecommerce” provides a suite of tool to help direct-to-consumer and other e-commerce players build better relationships with customers. With the huge momentum around online sales, this is another startup benefiting of the online commerce explosion!

Cheers, enjoy



Nabil Malouli

VP, Global Ecommerce Lead

DHL Supply Chain


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