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2023-04-10 00:04:01

Mejores prácticas en Marketplaces durante las temporalidades altas by AMVO Academy

Este webinar tiene como objetivo brindar información valiosa para maximizar las ventas en los marketplaces durante el evento HOT SALE.



2020-11-10 11:45:41

Ecommerce Takes off

Are ecommerce companies taking over the sky?? The big news of the week is the expansion an investment of Amazon & Mercado Libre in extending air network capabilities!! Amazon launch Air network in Europe Mercado Libre launch Air network in Mexico? Ocado buys Kindred & Haddington Robotics Solutions Ahold Delhaize launch Marketplaces powered by Mirakl [...] VER MÁS


2020-09-28 11:40:38

The platform economy!

The big news of the week is Mirakl raising $300M for it’s Marketplace SAAS Platform. Basically, the company help you launch and manage your own marketplace on your e-commerce website! The company has more than 300 customers including BestBuy, Carrefour, Toyota, HP…etc…! An Unicorn is born in Paris (They are French, nobody is perfect J) [...] VER MÁS