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2020-11-23 15:59:37

Alexa, bring my medication!

The big news of the week is Amazon official entry into the pharmacy business. Since the acquisition of pillpack in June 2018, it was obvious that Amazon had big ambition in the medical space! Even if the announcement this week shouldn’t be a surprise, it was for some companies! Also… Wish Marketplace to go public [...] VER MÁS
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2020-10-26 13:25:02

COVID case growth = Ecommerce sales growth

The big news was the launch of shopping features on Whatsapp business, It seems that whatsapp will be able to start making some real money! Other news… Albertsons digital sales up 243% Amazon will invest $100M in Mexico Magazine Luiza Online retailer buy Digital School Amazon launches one-hour grocery pickup in U.S. Etsy crafts flex [...] VER MÁS


2020-09-08 14:20:52

The Sky is the limit!

The big news of the week was Amazon joining the club of FAA approved drone operators for Prime Air delivery fleet. 30 minutes drone delivery is not yet here but one step closer. Other exciting news from last week include… Walmart finally ready for Walmart+ Wholefoods opens its first online store Wish Marketplace files for [...] VER MÁS


2020-08-24 13:00:18

195% +135% +97% +#$% What are these numbers Nabil???

Target, Lowes, Walmart Ecommerce growth for Q2 2020!! The new normal of exponential online sales growth continues (expect this at least till end of 2020 in my opinion!). Other news of the week included… Telecom Argentina launch ecommerce platform Yamato Japan partners with Doddle on PUDO solution UK John Lewis goes into “Furniture As A [...] VER MÁS


2020-08-17 12:34:20

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

The big news of the week is the partnership of Walmart with Instacart! It was a surprise showing companies doing “whatever it takes” to win the online grocery war! Other major news includes… Kroger launches Marketplace Amazon Pharmacy launch in India Casper goes offline with Sam’s Club RentTheRunway closes all stores Archanto B2B Ecom Software [...] VER MÁS
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2020-07-27 11:45:37

Online grocery continues to grow!! Camping time!

Online sales jumped 76% last month VS last year and the trend is not slowing down! Last week news….   China Missfresh raise 0.5 Bln for online grocery! Shopify enhance virtual shopping & Buy Now Pay Later 7-Eleven catch up on online order & delivery AB Tasty raises $40M to optimize e-commerce UX Arrive Outdoors […]



2020-07-17 12:11:23

¿Cómo encontrar los mejores hashtags para el contenido de tu marca?

Desde que los hashtags nacieron en Twitter, su uso se ha extendido a redes sociales como Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit e Instagram, con dos objetivos principales: darle visibilidad a un contenido (texto, imágenes, video, audio) para que llegue a un público más amplio, y hacer más fácil el monitoreo de una conversación en redes sociales [...] VER MÁS
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2020-07-08 10:34:00

Mitos y verdades del home office en tiempos de COVID-19

Si bien desde hace años el home office se ha posicionado como una alternativa en los lugares de trabajo, el porcentaje de trabajadores que en efecto lo ejercía era reducido hasta antes de la pandemia de Coronavirus (COVID-19); sin embargo, la emergencia sanitaria le puso el acelerador a este cambio en muchas empresas, ya que [...] VER MÁS
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2020-07-07 12:18:37

The fight of the titans!

The big news of the week is the acquisition of Postmates by Uber for $2.6Bln, the consolidation continue in the delivery space! Also some important news from…. Nike going all in with digital sales Amazon postponing prime day to October Lululemon purchase of Mirror Credicorp Financial institution moves into ecommerce platform Venmo goes into ecommerce [...] VER MÁS


2020-06-29 17:05:02

Ecommerce dominating newnormal

Based on recent report from FinancialTimes, out of the top 100 companies prospering in the pandemic, 12 are Ecommerce companies representing more than 775Bln Market cap gain YTD! This doesn’t count gains for companies indirectly benefiting from ecommerce like payment (Paypal, Square) and logistics (ZTO, SF Holding), link to the report at the bottom of [...] VER MÁS